MSM Mechanical

We are a highly skilled team of engineers, fabricators, welders, machinists, installers, and technicians. We develop solutions to the problems you encounter on a daily basis. We are here to serve your technical needs with creative ideas.

Who we are.

Mechanical Sheet Metal, Inc. is a custom metal fabrication and machinery shop that was established in 1972. It’s a family-owned business in which generations have passed on the skills for crafting quality work, the innovation to create custom products, the work ethic and the integrity to conduct business in a manner that makes every family member, every employee and every customer take pride in be associated with this company.

Freight & Parcel Transportation

Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Food & Beverage Processing

Train & Rail Transportation

Design Engineering

MSM Mechanical has a team of talented mechanical design engineers with years of experience is fabrication design, equipment design, machined parts design, sheet metal design, conveyor systems, and custom equipment design. We utilize proven strategies or develop custom solutions.

Welding and Fabrication

After parts are laser cut or machined according to engineered specifications our talented team of welders and fabricators add the finishing touches. Being able to build complex equipment or systems to field specified standards is critical for many industries, and our team delivers.

Machining and Laser

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest in technological equipment including laser cutting and CNC machining centers. Our parts manufacturing department collaborates closely with engineering to utilize 3D design direct to the production floor.

Millwright Installation

At MSM we not only provide the latest in manufacturing for industrial solutions but we maintain a talented team of millwright installation crews that are MSM employees. Having our own internal crews means the coordination between engineering and manufacturing is transferred directly to the installation at your facility.

How we work.

1 Listening to your issues and concerns, always is the first step to solving problems that keep you from operating at full capacity. Our team of engineers and experts will work closely with you to develop a creative approach to solve your most critical issues. We have been faced with many opportunities to solve complex problems that required unique methods rather than forcing an off the shelf solution.

2 After thoroughly discovering your needs and concerns. We work to develop a plan of action internally consulting our engineering, manufacturing, and installation departments to create the best approach to the solution. We will provide a detailed estimate and scope of work as needed so you can better understand how we work and will support your organization to achieve the goals and scope of the project.

3 As with any project, we start with an engineered solution which in turn feeds all our manufacturing processes including laser, machining, and fabrication. It's always imperative that all components we manufacture have the fit and finish that only 3D engineering can provide. Once fabricated our assembly and installation teams will insure that you receive a professional field installation in your facility.